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Are you tired of the same, unimaginative styling of conventional watch brands? Do you find that wrist watches seem to be virtually identical, save for their brand logos?

Well, you won’t face that issue with a Caterpillar wrist watch.

Designed from the ground-up to be both a landmark fashion statement and a precision timepiece, every CAT-branded watch stands apart from the crowd.

This comprehensive catalogue of CAT watches is divided into nine collections. In it, you can find the perfect watch for men and for women, no matter their age, their personality or their personal sense of style. They are united in their passion for distinction and flair.

The CAT Wrist Watch Range

Strong. Durable. Shock resistant.

Those are the characteristic features of the CAT brand. Caterpillar wrist watches are known for their combination of rugged good looks and the touch of class that infuses each magnificent piece. Engineered with precision, they are crafted to personify both extreme resilience and a flawless finish.

The watches themselves share the same solid CAT heritage but they vary greatly in shape and colour, as well as in strap design. Some of the most popular models in the catalogue feature distinctive colour combinations that are difficult, to find with any other watch brand.

These hard-wearing automatic chronographs also vary by strap material. Your four choices are: stainless steel; silicone; nylon; leather.

Buy Caterpillar Watches Online

Whether you want to reward yourself or a loved one, the CAT range of fashion accessories is the ideal choice. There is no better place to buy online than here, the official Caterpillar watches online shop.

Not only do you have access to the best online prices for Caterpillar wrist watches, but you also enjoy our 100% money-back guarantee and fast, free delivery to almost anywhere within Europe.

Buy a CAT today.